About us


Yacht broker without sales marina

If you intend selling your yacht from its own berth, de Haer nautique is the yacht broker you are looking for. De Haer nautique offers you a wealth of experience. As the first active and independent yacht broker in Northern Europe, de Haer nautique started selling luxurious motor yachts from their own berth on 1 February 2003. For more than 10 years, the company has been market leader in this sales approach and is well known at home and abroad.

Buyer and seller meet on board the yacht

Visiting a yacht that is for sale is always organised under the supervision of one of our employees to support both buyer and seller in every step of the process, and/or under the watchful eye of the owner. The owner would be pleased to help you when visiting his yacht and will always share his experiences with you as a buyer. You are free to ask the owner of the yacht any question you may have.  As such, all parties meet on board the yacht and get to know each other in a relaxed way.
This unique way of selling, means the owner keeps control over the yacht in terms of maintenance and cleaning. The yacht will always look perfect.

Keep sailing, even during the sales process

We will schedule an appointment on board the yacht, wherever you are! Our sales approach offers a clear price advantage, which will be reflected in the commission.


To ensure we sell those yachts assigned to us, we will advertise in the most prestigious watersports magazines, both in the Netherlands and abroad. You will find us only in the most prestigious national and international websites.


Over the years we have specialised in the sales of pre-owned Elling motor yachts in particular. It is fair to say that we are true specialists.


Selling beautiful and well-maintained motor yachts is close to our hearts. Critical as we are, we carefully select our assignments. It is our dream to sell the most beautiful yachts in the market.
De Haer nautique likes to be concise and to the point. No lavish stories about what we can’t do, but merely a short clarification on what we offer you.
De Haer nautique is a member of the NBMS, the Dutch Association of sworn and EMCI certified ship brokers. We dispose of a Third-party deposit account.